Thrifty mum reveals how she decorated her children’s bedroom for just £50 while shopping at Homebase, B&M and Ikea


A mum-of-two upgraded her daughter’s room on a budget after deciding she wanted to do something special for her child’s birthday. Jordan Collins, a beautician, 31, was quoted £150 by a professional, not including paint, but knew she could do it herself for less.

By buying pre-cut panel packs from Homebase and painting the piece himself, Jordan was able to pull off the transformation for just £51, saving over £100 in the process. The savvy mom has also used websites like Pinterest for design inspiration and has also used B&M and Ikea for materials and furniture.

Jordan told a Facebook group that saves money DIY on a budget UK “The room makeover was for Amaya’s 10th birthday. Amaya had been gathering ideas on Pinterest. I had looked around and found panels in sets of six at Homebase for £11.95.

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Mom gave daughter’s bedroom a makeover for her birthday

“I used three bundles for her room on two walls. To create the paneling, I measured each wall and cut the panels to fit along the baseboards and the top of the design.

“I then placed the panels along the edge of the walls vertically and measured the space between each and determined how many panels I would need as well as the spaces between them. I removed the number of panels by their dimensions to give me the correct measurements between the spaces.

Jordan used materials from Homebase, B&M and Ikea to update the piece
Jordan used materials from Homebase, B&M and Ikea to update the piece

“I used No More Nails glue to attach them to the walls and used a spirit level to check they were straight. When dry I painted them Johnstones Natural Sage. I had painted the other walls in glossy white before starting my paneling project.

“I asked B&Q for a large sheet of MDF cut to size but they charge 50p per cut after the first five cuts so I saved some money buying the pre-cut packs of six from Homebase. If you attempt this project yourself, my advice would be to measure twice and cut once!A valuable advice my dad gave me.

The space seems to have been completely transformed
The space seems to have been completely transformed

“Upholstery fabrics came from B&M, Homebase, SHEIN and IKEA. The makeover cost me £51 including paint and more nail glue.

“I was offered a quote of £150 by a professional just for the paneling which did not include painting. I am very glad I saved money by doing it myself as being a single parent I saving £100 is a lot! Now the room is complete I am proud and very very happy to see my daughter so happy it was a wonderful birthday present!”

The transformation is pretty amazing
The transformation is pretty amazing

Tom Church, co-founder of , comments: “Wall paneling is a huge trend right now, and it’s an inexpensive way to really add interest to a room. Hats off to Jordan for finding a way to do it cheaper than a professional, without compromising on the style and look of his daughter’s room!

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