Toronto boys’ school St. Michael’s rocked by sexual assault charges


“I was disturbed by the media’s description of Kavanaugh High School, a private Catholic boys’ school, where gross sexism was ingrained in the student body,” wrote Mather, 23. “It haunted me because Kavanaugh’s school reminded me of Mike’s St.

The discussion of sexual violence has grown in importance in Canada in recent years, since radio host Jian Ghomeshi was fired from his job, criminally charged and then found not guilty in 2014 of sexually assaulting women with whom he was going out.

Her trial was a public spectacle, leading to a nationwide debate over toxic masculinity, women’s self-reproach, and the inadequacy of the legal system to address deeply rooted cultural issues. Long before #metoo hit Twitter, #beenrapedneverreported was invading the internet in Canada.

In response to the reported assaults, St. Michael’s canceled all group and team activities and public performances for the remainder of the year. Officials reached out to his alumni network – over 8,000 members, with branches as far away as Dubai and Australia – looking for people with expertise in “anti-bullying, spectator education and responsible digital citizenship” to volunteer. for workshops with students.

Since the assaults were reported, Christine Nielsen says students at the school, including her son, have been called public rapists and attacked online.

“These children are terrified, they are humiliated and blamed,” said Ms. Nielsen, who lost her temper with a reporter after attending a parents’ meeting last week. A video clip of their meeting went viral on Twitter, where she was widely criticized.

Meanwhile, Toronto is bracing for more reports of assaults to be released by police.

“There is so much wrong with this,” said Joe Mihevc, a outgoing St. Michael’s city councilor who graduated from St. Michael’s in 1972 with a doctorate. in theology. “How do you bring healing to this one?” “


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