Travel loan: what to do not to overextend spending

How can I apply for a travel loan without going overboard and borrowing more than I can afford?

Traveling is a delight! The problem is knowing how to plan to set foot on the road – or on the plane – and not spend another long holiday or home vacation. So getting a travel loan can be a great option!

Just take that basic budget wipe, such as a weekend at the beach or a ranch hotel.

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But what if the idea is to take a big trip with the whole family to fulfill the kids dream of seeing Disney or seeing snow for the first time? When this is so, if you don’t want to leave the ride for after the kids grow up, one way out is to opt for a loan.

As long as you compare the options on the Lite Lender website well, you can use personal credit to travel with installments that fit your pocket. But for that, it’s essential if you plan to borrow only the money you really need – remember that you’ll pay interest on it. Here’s tips on how to spend less on lodging, tickets, tours, and more!

Airfare: Bet on the use of search engines

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When you start planning a trip, the first step is to find a more affordable airfare. That’s because rates vary by date, and you’ll need this information to look for other services, such as hotel rates, attraction tickets, and more.

For those who can travel at any time of the year, escaping the high seasons can be quite a saving. However, even if you can’t afford to travel in May or September, for example, you can still not spend more than you need with the help of online search engines.

Similar to Lite Lender, platforms like allow you to compare ticket prices on different airlines. All you have to do is enter your origin and destination, enter the number of passengers and fill in the approximate dates when you want to travel. The good thing is that, nowadays, many search engines allow us to see the value of tickets also in the coming days. Thus, you can adjust dates according to discounts to get the best price.

Ah! It is important to note that although we are talking about airfare, the tip also applies to bus travel. In this case, you can count on the help of specific search engines, such as ClickBus, for travel in Brazil.

Advance and price comparison to save on hosting

Do you know that nice, nice, cheap hotel that still has a great location to help? Know that you are not the only one to be interested in it. Therefore, one of the secrets to being able to save money on accommodation is to be sure to check out the last minute rates, as searching in advance makes it easier to find and book the most advantageous options.

To view available Puyo and compare their features, the best way is to use search engines like, Coofing, etc. Some of these platforms still allow for installation and have loyalty programs that accumulate daily for use on other trips. Once you find a nice option, don’t think you just have to book! Nowadays, there are platforms that make it possible to compare the price of the same hotel on different platforms, such as Trivago. Be sure to do a thorough research!

For those willing to give up some amenities, such as housekeeping, another way to save money is to use Airbnb. Built in San Francisco, the platform facilitates the process of renting rooms or homes without the bureaucracy of real estate. If you choose a place equipped with a kitchen, you can still save money away from home.

Before applying for a travel loan, save day to day

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A fun and essential step of any trip is the search for tours, restaurants, events, among other on-site activities you will visit. What you may not know is that she can help you too – a lot! – Saving and knowing more precisely how much you really need to borrow. After all, a trip is not just about airline tickets and accommodation.

In addition, one must also think about spending on food, tickets and moving from one location to another. For example: When you arrive at the airport, will you take a taxi or use public transportation? And how will you get from the hotel to the attractions? Before applying for a loan, it is important to put all these elements into the account.

Got a credit card? Find out about travel benefits

Have you heard that someone used credit card travel insurance? Yeah! Some card categories have very interesting benefits for those planning to travel. In addition to international medical emergency insurance, depending on the brand and category, the card can also offer free car rental insurance, complimentary transfer and access to airport lounges. However, one of the main ways to save on a credit card is to make use of the frequent flyer program when it is available.

With this type of reward program, the customer accumulated points whenever they make purchases on the credit card, and the accumulated score can be redeemed for airline tickets.

To find out if your card offers the benefits and what your score is, look for this information on your bill or access the issuing bank’s internet banking. There you can also find out what the rewards program is and the process for redeeming the score.