Vaping in the boys’ room: a Florida school tackles the health crisis by banning … toilet breaks



Students in need must wait for the short break between lessons or be accompanied by the assistant director

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Jupiter High School in Palm Beach County, Florida will no longer allow students to use the facilities during session due to concerns over widespread vaping.

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“Every day since school started, we have found one or more students in our bathrooms vaping,” Principal Colleen Iannitti told the students in a video ad. “A lot of you just go to the bathroom so you can meet up with your friends, smoke, vape, and do all kinds of things you shouldn’t be doing in the bathroom.”


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The school had no choice given the scale of the abuse, argued Iannitti, and the fact that students were rushed to the emergency room every week because of something they may have smoked. on school property.

The policy allows students to use the washroom only during the six-minute break between classes or in an emergency, which would require a personal escort from the vice-principal of the school.

The move comes amid a health crisis in the United States that has seen at least two dozen people die – and more than a thousand others fall ill – from a mysterious vaping-related lung disease.

While parents shared the school’s concerns about e-cigarette abuse, they weren’t ready to give the new policy a passing grade. “I understand the concern from the school’s point of view. I just don’t know if this is the most effective privacy issue or the most effective when it comes to having someone follow you when you use the bathroom, ”said parent Jeff Glassgold.


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The school reports that it plans to ease restrictions if students stop the bad behavior.

Florida school boards are grappling with on-campus cannabis in general, and many are running out of time to implement state-required policy to allow the drug’s medical use during school hours.

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The state did not dictate which model schools to adopt, but instead indicated Volusia County. The county allows caregivers to administer medical cannabis to students, but does not allow school employees to participate or store the drug.

“Although the field of law is relatively new, it has been a long time for districts to adopt compliant access policies,” a note to school boards noted.

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