Vastu tips for the children’s room | 5 Best Bedroom Colors According to Vastu Shastra


Children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms doing their homework, playing and sleeping. They usually spend as much time as possible in their bedroom because they feel safe and happy in this space. Accordingly, the color of your child’s room should be decided according to the vastu shastra. Discover 5 colors that are considered the best for your child’s room.Also Read – Vastu Tips for Family Peace: 6 Ways to Avoid Conflicts at Home

5 Best Bedroom Colors for Kids According to Vastu Shastra

Color blue: If you have a hyperactive child, paint their room blue. According to Vastu, certain colors have a calming effect and can change the energy of the room. However, if the room has a north-facing window, avoid using blue. Also Read – Vastu Tips: Do NOT keep these 2 things in your stash to avoid financial loss

Green color: If the child finds it difficult to concentrate on his studies, the color green can also be used in the study room. Green is also a naturally soothing color because the majority of nature around us is green. Also Read – Vastu Tips for Siblings: 6 Bedroom Tips for Your Kids to Avoid Conflicts Between Themselves

Yellow color: According to Vastu Shastra, soothing colors like yellow are considered best for children’s room as they balance out mood swings and also improve their behavior. If you are considering something bright for your child’s room, go for yellow.

Violet colour : Using purple as your child’s room color is one of the best Vastu tips you can get. It not only creates a peaceful atmosphere, but also helps children relax. It has also been shown to improve sleep patterns in children.

Pink color: If we talk about deliciousness and simplicity, pink is what comes to mind. Pink is not only a very subtle color but also reflects calm and peace in a way. If you are considering something pastel for your kid’s room, go for pink. It is also considered effective for children’s minds as the light colors will keep them calm and relaxed.


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