Watch: Two soccer prodigy brothers give their bedroom a makeover in the latest episode of “Reload my Room”


Growing up, every child dreamed of what their ultimate bedroom would look like.

In the latest episode of “Reload my Room” from The Whistle, two brothers who are also football prodigies have their bedroom makeover with their life.

Brothers Jaden and Jace Jefferson are both student-athletes in elementary school. Both of them dream of playing football at the college level and have strived to make that dream come true. Their father is their trainer and has converted the garage into a home gym and video game room. Whether it’s training for next season or going head-to-head in Madden, the boys spend most of their time in the garage. “Reload my Room” host and YouTuber ZackTTG is here to give the Jefferson family a makeover.

From three new HDTVs and posters to a collection of new and old video games, ZackTTG’s makeover has everything they need and more. It even included a live sports ticker that projects stats and scores in real time. It’s safe to say the Jefferson family will be spending a lot of time in their garage now.

Watch the full episode below to see the piece for yourself, its impressive collection of video games dating back to the Super Nintendo, and the charitable work the Jefferson family does in their spare time:


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