Western Suburb Elite Boys School gives green light to redevelop former tip site to sell beloved ovals


Mr Bath said the school’s behavior contradicted its values.

“It seems the school wanted to secure all of their positions before disclosing anything – it’s not engagement,” he said.

Sanitation workers at the current St John’s Wood playgrounds between 2008 and 2016.Credit:Tabec

“If the ovals are in excess of the school’s needs, they should be sold back to the government on the same terms they were purchased.

The school said its decision was not financially motivated, but the plans residents saw show the school is looking for a huge windfall gain from residential densities much higher than any of the above. his neighbors.”

Mr Bath said there were many other schools in the western suburbs clamoring for new playgrounds and asked why the government was in favor of Christ Church’s proposal.

“If so, why does the government prioritize private school development plans in favor of community engagement and the application of an open, transparent and appropriate process? he said.

Christ Church Grammar's St John's Wood Playgrounds.

Christ Church Grammar’s St John’s Wood Playgrounds. Credit:Tabec

Christ Church purchased its Mount Claremont bush playgrounds for just under $ 30,000 in 1959 and began negotiations with the City of Perth to purchase adjacent land in 1984.

The school made a deal with the state government to purchase 8.6 hectares of land near the HBF Stadium for $ 1.3 million in 1999 and opened the St John’s Wood Playgrounds in 2016.

Now the school cites an increase in student numbers and increased convenience for parents dropping their children off for the training as reasons they have pushed to buy the tip site next door as part of a similar agreement.


A spokeswoman for the Department of Town Planning, Lands and Heritage said the school approached the state with the idea of ​​acquiring the site in late 2017.

“If all the field sports are in one place, parents with more than one son don’t need to drive and park to see multiple sports / games. Creates a great sense of community, ”said a spokesperson for Christ Church.

The potential move would also reduce bus costs for students to training, she said.

Christ Church has since hired consulting firm Element to take down the mailboxes and hold engagement sessions with neighboring landlords, but locals say the process is more like a PR campaign than a consultation significant.

The school will need to submit the findings of the consultation sessions to the City of Cambridge before applying for changes to the council’s local town plan to rezone the old ovals.


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