What is the Nth Room case? Netflix documentary ‘Cyber ​​Hell’ explores South Korean sex scandal


Trigger warning: Mentions of sexual abuse, trafficking and suicide

Looks like the True Crime genre is expanding its horizons and Asia is finally on its radar. While international True Crime shows are globally popular, Netflix is ​​now exploring South Korea’s most notorious scandals. Netflix recently released a crime documentary series that tells the story of South Korea’s The Raincoat Killer, and it’s high time for the streaming platform to look into one of the country’s biggest sex scandals after the very sensational Burning Sun Scandal.

Known as Nth Room Case (Korean n번방 사건), it will soon be explored via a Netflix documentary titled “Cyber ​​Hell: Expose An Internet Horror” or known as Cyber ​​Hell in abbreviated. The show will discuss the controversial South Korean sex scandal that has turned into a global phenomenon. The director in charge of the series said: “Everyone knows very little about the Nth case, but after watching this documentary, you will feel like it was just the tip of the iceberg.”


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What is the Nth Room Case?

The Nth Room is a digital sex crime case that took place on the social media application Telegram in various chat rooms from the years 2018 to 2020. One of the many perpetrators of the crime was a user nicknamed “God God”, which was later identified. like Moon Hyung-Wook. He had created eight groups on Telegram and uploaded sexually exploitative pornography. The Burning Sun scandal whistleblower has reported that he too will expose the criminal mastermind behind the scandal which involved blackmail, cybersex trafficking and the dissemination of sexual exploitation videos via Telegram.

It has been reported that many people have hosted such chat rooms following the Nth Room case on the platform where malicious videos were shared, one of them being “doctor room hosted by an individual named Doctor who was later revealed to be Cho Joo-bin. The videos implicated in these two cases displayed extreme tendencies, particularly towards women, involving non-consensual sex as well as sexual assault, hidden cameras (known as molka), incest between siblings as well as crimes sex with children and the elderly. Nth Room case author Cho Joo Bin’s conversations also revealed that he claimed to have stored videos of various celebrities as well as K-pop idols and Korean artists. Reports revealed that the videos were sold using cryptocurrency and involved suicidal challenges similar to the blue whale challenge, which involved people cutting themselves for viewers online.

Still from Netflix’s ‘Cyber ​​Hell: Expose An Internet Horror’ documentary trailer (Netflix)

Netflix announces the release of ‘Cyber ​​Hell’

The documentary series aims to reveal the reality of the crime after interviews with 24 people who were personally involved in the case and who will share information that was not revealed by the news when the scandal broke. These 24 people include journalists, production managers (PD), police officers, as well as some victims of the Nth Ward incident.

The series is meant to explore the methods used by the perpetrators of the Nth Room scandal. It has been revealed that the perpetrators were known to initially guarantee their customers’ anonymity only to then threaten them with hacking, illegal transactions using cryptocurrency, online harassment and exploitation behind a username in line.

“Cyber ​​Hell: Exposing a Horror on the Internet” is directed by popular director Choi Jin-sung, known for his work in documentary projects such as “The Plan” and “The Reservoir Game”. “Cyber ​​Hell” is set to be released on May 18. Watch the trailer for the documentary series here.

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