Why You Should Listen To Boy Groups During Social Distancing


While inside, I had to deal with activities that I found incredibly comforting, like playing Super Nintendo and reading cookbook covers to cover what I did as a kid. I also listened to boy bands, even more than usual.

While boy groups remain a staple for me, maybe now is the time for you to rediscover – or discover! – them for yourself. I didn’t recognize it as a teenager, but as an adult I see it: Boy groups have always captured the uninhibited joy of teenagers and the deepest, darkest doom. The other day I revisited Hanson’s 1997 album In the middle of nowhere, and the moment “I will come to youI was transported to my teenage bedroom, where I furiously scribbled a PG-13 rated fanfic about the Oklahoma sibling trio. Especially in these uncertain times, it’s nice to be able to listen to something that instantly puts you in a different state of mind. Try ‘N Sync, 98 Degrees – or even deep cuts, like LFO or BBMak.

Of course, we made fun of these bands because they are outdated or talentless (I don’t agree!). But get past that and you’ll find that these albums are perfect for the wild mood swings that I know I go through hour by hour. Activate ‘N Sync’ No strings attached, who just turned 20, and shop around your kitchen for “Goodbye goodbye”, Desperately trying to remember the choreography. Then if the desperation starts to return, listen “This is what I promise you”, Just six tracks later, and cry.

And while it is strongly recommended that you revisit groups from your teenage years, why not give new boy bands a chance? Start with One Direction. Especially if you’ve become a Harry Styles or Niall Horan fan in recent years, try listening to some of One Direction’s older albums to detect the beginnings of their two individual sounds. “The story of my life”By One Direction Midnight memories is a direct precursor to Niall’s solo career, and if you’re looking for Harry’s rock flair, listen to “Olivier”From the band’s latest studio album, Made in the morning And, yes, One Direction broke up years ago – luckily for us, there are a lot of current boy groups that do both ballads and bops.

LA-based Prettymuch has been together since 2016 and has released a few EPs since then. Their first single, “Would You Mind”, is a certifiable bop, and the corresponding dance visual – placed atop a parking lot – is great art. As with so many boy bands in the current era, they all sound like the young hypebeasts you’d see in a Supreme line, but don’t let that deter you from listening to them. “jelly” and “Up to you”Will make you give up your homework duties for a brief night of dancing.

Luckily, boy group 5 Seconds to Summer has released a new album, Calm, today. These guys from Australia have been together since 2011 and hail from the humble origins of YouTube of yore. Many of their songs, like “Young blood”(Probably their most famous single), it’s those perfectly dancing songs that are also a little sad, which is my favorite genre of music. 5 Seconds’ new album has a similar dancey-sad vibe, but if you need something sad, check out their Post Malone’s cover “To stay. “I’m pretty sure I account for at least half of the streaming streams.

I’m telling you, listening to boy bands right now is an instant dose of serotonin – a flashback to a patch of sunny teenage joy. They go beyond sweet happiness, however, and contain the kind of heightened emotions – especially hopelessness – that we are all feeling right now.


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