Windsor Boys School Teacher ‘Sent A Teenager A Picture Of A Sex Toy’


A teaching assistant sent a teenage boy a photo of a sex toy and offered to perform a sex act on him if he told her he “loved her,” a court said.

Donna Brant, 37, exchanged “explicit” text messages with the youngster and “appreciated the attention” after the couple sent 2,500 messages.

She even joked that if staff at the Windsor Boys’ School where she worked found out about the messages, she would “go to jail.”

Donna Brant, a 37-year-old teaching assistant at Windsor Boys‘ School (pictured), exchanged 2,500 explicit texts with a teenager and sent him a picture of a dildo

The court heard that on one occasion she said she would have sex with the boy if he told her he “loved her”.

The messages did not stop until a family member of the teenager, “concerned about a change in behavior”, went to his phone and saw some of the messages.

While reading Crown Court, Brant sent her a picture of a dildo when “their discussion turned to the sex toys she had in her drawer.”

Brant, of Windsor, Berkshire, admitted one count of sexual activity with a man, aged 13 to 17, for explicit texts she exchanged with a boy in 2015.

She has now quit her job at the Boys-Only High School after being suspended as a result of the investigation.

Prosecutor Rebecca Austin said the messages “were getting very explicit, very quickly.”

She said: ‘Jokingly or otherwise, she [Brant] refers to the fact that if they [her employer] found out, she would go to jail.

“On one occasion, she said that she would perform a sexual act on the boy if he told her that he loved her.

“While it’s clear the messages were initiated by the boy, they are encouraged by Brant. She did it because she appreciated the attention.

Ed Butler, defending, said she had “enjoyed the attention” but added that it would be difficult to see how the text messages “could have given someone sexual arousal.”

He said: “It is truly impossible to overstate how much she has already suffered for this very serious, but not sinister, error in judgment.”

You accepted that you sent the message and said that they were loving and joking. I have read some of the posts and it is clear that some of them are of a self-explanatory nature.

He added that at the time of the offense, Brant was living in his parents’ house with his family while his house was undergoing renovations and his mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Upon Brant’s sentencing, Judge Alexia Durran said: “You agreed to send the message and you said they were affectionate and joking, and you denied any sexual gratification.

“I have read some of the posts and it is clear that some of them are of a self-explanatory nature.”

She also said the victim “felt out of place and paranoid” since the offense.

Brant received an 18-month community order with a 15-day rehabilitation requirement and 180 hours of unpaid work.

She was also ordered to pay £ 85 in fees and an application has been made to put her on the sex offender register.

Gavin Henderson, principal of the Windsor Boys’ School, said Brant was immediately suspended from school and then resigned.

He added that as soon as the school learned that the teaching assistant was involved in “a situation”, they alerted the police.

Mr. Henderson said: “All staff go through rigorous pre-employment screening and are trained in backup procedures annually.”


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