Wolmer Boys’ School mourns the death of a teenager mistakenly shot by his father


Wolmer Boys’ School principal Dwight Pennycooke said grief counselors and supporters gathered around the school community following the death of Raheem Shaw on Wednesday morning.

The 15-year-old was shot and killed in his home by his father in a case of mistaken identity because his 51-year-old father believed him to be an intruder.

The Wolmerian was a member of Form 5R in Institution of the Circle of Heroes.

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Form 5R members received counseling from members of the Guidance and Counseling Unit in Region 1, as well as guidance counselors from Wolmer’s Girls’ School, St. Andrew High School for Girls, Kingston College and Camperdown.

Pennycooke also praised Wolmer’s Old Boys Association whose members have given support to the young student population.

Shaw is the second Wolmerian to die in the past five months.

In May, Wolmer’s Boys’ School mourned the death of 15-year-old David Minott, who died while on a trip to Church Beach at Sommerset Falls in Hope Bay, Portland.

It was reported that Minott drowned moments after completing a boat ride at the tourist attraction.

Minott is said to be the grandson of late reggae icon Sugar Minott.


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