X Boys School will open in September


ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) — With many kids about to leave school, X Boys founder King Randall plans to open his own.

The X Boys have been in the renovation phase for two months now, and they hope to open their doors in early September.

“We have 25 classrooms here. Basketball gym, cafeteria, chapel,” Randall said.

Pre-Life School is something Randall has been working on for about a year. With the hope of growing the school year by year, in September it will start with 50 sixth graders.

“This year we’re starting with a home-schooling program, then next year we’re going to go from sixth to eighth. We will increase by one grade level each year. So it’ll go all the way to 12th grade,” Randall said.

Some of the options he wants to get into are trades, like auto repair, construction, computer engineering, STEM, and agriculture.

“We bought 40 acres of land in 2021. So with 40 acres, we’re trying to teach the boys to farm,” Randall said.

King Randall is the founder of The X For Boys.(WALB)

He said one of his biggest goals is to make the city of Albany a better place and to continue investing there.

“I want them to try to create our new cops, our new doctors, our new lawyers,” Randall said.

Now they operate for free, and he hopes to continue in future years by becoming a charter school, which would be publicly funded. Randall said it would give children everywhere the opportunity to be part of the Good Life City.

“I already have kids enrolled from Virginia and Texas, so these parents are moving to Georgia just to have these students attend our school,” Randall said.

Over the next few years, he hopes to further expand the campus and create a program for girls.

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